The Ultimate Laundry Room

Do you like to do laundry? Nope…didn’t think so. Most of us do not prefer to spend much time on house chores, especially the ones that require us to spend an ample amount of time in a usually cramped and boring space. While great laundry room design won’t necessarily change your life, it can help make the task a little less painful. Here are some do’s and don’ts for designing and decorating your laundry room, and some inspiring photos to get the creative juices flowing!
DO have counter top space. Even if your space is small, investing on front loaders can allow you to install a counter above the appliances. Believe us, it’s worth it.

If space allows, DO install a sink. A built in sink. This is quickly becoming standard, and a adds value to the room and your house.
DON’T have a carpeted floor. Tile is best, wood and vinyl also work. Do have a nice rug in there to warm the feet. And if you must have carpet (for instance, a master closet install), be sure and have an automatic shut off valve.

DON’T build around your old appliances. Like the kitchen, they are the actual working piece, and nothing is worse than a great designed room around out of date appliances. If updating the room but not ready to invest in the w/d quite yet, be sure to allow space for upgrades in the future.
DO have plenty of storage, whether its cabinets, baskets, shelves, etc. Usually a combo works best. Again, even the tightest of spaces can have good storage is properly thought out.

Do have a place for hang drying clothes. Get creative, but be sure there is a place to hang the delicates.

DON’T be boring. The laundry room is a great place to be creative, and even kitschy. Fresh, clean feeling colors are great, and be bold in experimenting with pattern. Some painted cabinets are a quick way to add detail.



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